Important Information

·         Weather Conditions

Tehran is a four seasoned city and May is actually the middle of spring in Iran. however since spring weather is always unpredictable, please dress accordingly.

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·         Currency and Exchange

Iran's currency unit is Iranian Rial(IRR), however in daily exchanges, it is very common to use a sub- unit called" Toman" which is equivalent to 10 Rials. It is crucial to know that international debit cards such as VISA or Master Card do not work in Iran, so make sure to bring cash. However, it is quite easy to get an Iranian debit card for tourist; you can ask your hotel info. desk or tour leader for further assistance. You can also exchange your cash simply in every corner of the city in currency exchange stores. Most of the currencies are easily exchanged in Iran, nevertheless it is recommended to bring major currencies such as USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY,CNY,etc.

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·         Electricity, cell-phone and 4G services

Electric appliances use type C/F power sockets with standard voltage of 230V and standard frequency of 50Hz. Power convertors are provided in electrical supply stores at a reasonable price. It is also possible to borrow power adaptors from hotels.

A cellphone sim-card and data services are easy to purchase all around the city. However, make sure that your cellphone is not locked, otherwise you need to purchase another one.

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Also , the international call prefix and country code for Iran is +98 or 0098.


·         Time Zone

Iran standard time zone is UTC+03:30. Consider that like many other countries, day light time saving applies in Iran as well.

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·         Local Transportation services

It is very comfortable to move around Tehran since this city is served by a number of transport options to choose from. Vast subway system (Metro), Bus ( BRT) and taxi are three ways of safe public transportation in Tehran.

·         Emergency Numbers

o   Ambulance 115

o   Directory inquiries 118

o   Fire Brigade 125

o   Police 110 (112 from mobile (cell) phones will also get you through to the local police)

o   Fire & Rescue 125


·         VISA and Entry formalities

o   To obtain necessary information regarding entry formalities and VISA application, please review the following link. Any enquiry arises, please do not hesitate to contact us.



·         Iran's attractions